Night Lodge is the hotel of choice in Bartonsville PA. We cater to the accommodation needs of every guest. We welcome guests with disabilities to offer them the right environment and make them feel at home. We ensure easy accessibility to the rooms. If you want a hotel that understands your needs, then Night Lodge is the right place to stay.

Handicap Access

We cater to the needs of guests with walking difficulties. Our hotel has handicap accessible rooms. Our parking is also handicap accessible.  Our wheelchair accessible accommodation PA makes our guests feel comfortable. They can access many areas in the hotel. Whether it is the rooms or the front desk or the lobby area, we make sure that you do have difficulties reaching those areas.

Accessible Rooms

The reason you have come to our hotel is to stay in our rooms. We have features in the rooms that make them easy to access by people with disabilities. Our bathrooms and the toilets are fitted with features that allow guests with disabilities to be able to use them comfortably and safely.

We know that the safety of our guests is very important. We also want to ensure comfort. Most guests with disabilities have little choice when it comes to accommodation needs. From the bed heights to handrails to pathways, having accessible spaces in a hotel is very important. The accessibility of a hotel can make the difference between having a trip and having a great trip. What you get from accommodation counts a lot in the overall experience of your trip. Simple things like having rooms that can be accessed by a wheelchair can make your stay a daunting experience. The same happens with bed heights and the bathtubs.

At Night Lodge, we have rooms and spaces that people who have disabilities and are in a wheelchair can find it easy to access those areas. Book your rooms in Bartonsville PA with us and enjoy your stay!